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Are you a Seller?
Go to market with CONFIDENCE

If we market your home and it doesn't sell in 60 days, Tom will write you an offer for full price.

Yes, it's true. Thomas and his network of investors have access to cash and can offer creative ways to pay you full price for your property. He has personally bought dozens of houses all over town and is always looking for another. 

07 Living Room.jpeg
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Are you a Landlord?
Reclaim your SANITY!

Are you tired of the 3 T's - Toilets, Tenants, and Turnover?

Would you like to maintain cash flow and defer taxes without the headaches?

Let's talk. There might be a deal structure that solves your problems.

Thomas purchased the house in this photo when the tenant's lease expired and the interior needed major repairs.

Swadley frontshot_edited.jpg
77th frontshot.jpeg

Are you an Heir?
UNSURE what to do?

Reach out for a FREE strategy session. We will explore whether to rent it out, remodel, sell, and what each option might mean financially. You'll get real information and a real offer to buy the house. Thomas purchased this house last winter, after the previous owner inherited it.


Are you an agent?

Great! We love working with agents. Please share your client's needs and let's work something out. This property was listed in the MLS, Thomas purchased it after another investor canceled their contract.

buyer clients say

"Your knowledge about construction, home planning, the state of the market, and various renovation projects was extremely helpful. We also appreciated your deep understanding of each of the various neighborhoods we shopped in." -Tyler

seller clients say

"Tom’s expertise was CRITICAL in making a condo sale during the tough times of the pandemic." - MaryAnn

agents say

“Thomas was wonderful to work with! He was very responsive, fair and was willing to work with my buyers." - Georgia

buyers say

"I would not hesitate to work with Thomas again.” - Eric

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