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Listy Lehman transitioned into real estate after years of working as a child and family therapist with families in need.  After chasing her own dream of becoming a homeowner in Denver Colorado and starting a family here with her husband and two children she decided that she should take her skills as a therapist and use them to educate and advocate for first time home buyers in the Denver Metro. All of Listy’s first clients were her friends and co-workers who already knew of her high levels of honesty and ethical services as well as her possession of strong communication and negotiating skills.  
Listy is now known by her clients for having exceptional customer service, for listening to her clients about what they need and want, and then making the process an enjoyable and fun experience.  Listy approaches each transaction with kindness, patience, attention to detail and an infectious positive attitude.

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Thomas Burney transitioned into real estate after years of working in construction as a rehabilitation specialist for houses in need. After chasing his own dream of becoming a homeowner in Denver and starting a family here with his wife and child, he decided to take his skills as a licensed contractor and dive into full-time house flipping. Construction and real estate go hand in hand, and a real estate license was a logical next step. Tom is constantly buying and selling his own properties, and friends, co-workers, and fellow investors soon began to request his guidance as well.

Tom is now known by his clients for bringing extensive knowledge of the houses themselves, for evaluating possible or necessary modifications, and for allowing the client’s priorities to drive the train.  He approaches each transaction with calm and level demeanor, creative problem solving abilities, and a quick sense of humor.

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