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You’re in the right place!

Every real estate page says that, right? Click a few, see what they have to offer… a world of promises, everything to everyone, agents in fancy clothes, discounted fees, 1000 transactions every year, the fastest-growing brokerage, the ultimate digital platform, an instant offer on your current house.

You’re about to begin a big-time comparison shopping process, so you might as well start by comparing agents, right? If we aren't a good fit, that's ok. We've helped many clients find happy homes in Colorado and we'd like to talk to you about getting started finding yours.

Buy: The Process


Personalized service, tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

Professionalism, Experience, Education, Courtesy, Honesty, Respect. For everybody.

Specific examples of homes that meet your search criteria, because understanding the market is key to setting expectations

A straight answer, open ears, no judgement.

Comprehensive market data, translated into plain English. As much or as little as you want.

An agent who understands your search criteria, every time you pick up the phone. Never leave a message with “whoever was in the office at 10 this morning.”

A team. Nobody does this alone! Who do you need? A mortgage lender? A painter? A home inspector? We’re in the business, we know the people, we’ve got somebody who can help.

A plan. You’re trying to get something done, right? Let’s get it done right.

Buy: List


There will be forms. We don't like forms either.


Today’s market moves quickly. You will need a prequalification (or even better, a preapproval) letter from a mortgage lender. Without this, no seller will take your offer seriously. You will also need proof of available funds for a down payment.
Got enough cash? You’ll still need proof. A pdf printout of a bank or brokerage statement showing liquid funds (stocks/bonds/mutual funds/etf/cash) will need to be included with any offers.
Need a lender referral? Just ask! We have worked with dozens of local and national mortgage lenders. One of them might be a good fit for you


If you’re renting, reach out to your landlord and see if you can go month-to-month. If not, establish what the consequences of breaking your lease might be. Early and open communication can yield some pretty great results.


Do you have to sell your house first? This means more forms - but do not fear we have a  plan. Let’s talk about it.


Learn more about our plan to help sell your home with our seller's guide.

(Renting? Skip this step.)


Plan your search - This is the fun part!

What is important to you? Every search starts somewhere. This is a starting point and it’s totally fine if the search changes later. The important things aren’t always obvious at first!

We can program the robots to send you links, or you can search on your own. (We see you… textin' us Zillow links from the bathroom, from the carpool line, from bed at 11:30 pm)

Start to comb through the haystack online. We will help you visit the needles in person.


Found something you like?

You want it? Let's buy it! Now we write an offer, taking many variables into consideration: house condition and location, price, buyer needs, seller needs, timeframe, price, contract terms, etc. In today’s market, you should be mentally prepared to repeat this step several times.


Land of 1000 emails

After your offer is accepted, you're "under contract." This usually takes 3-5 weeks, during which you will get your mortgage loan in place, conduct inspections on the house and maybe negotiate repairs, sign a form or 200, and lean lean lean on your agent for answers, advice, guidance, encouragement, and expertise. We are here to help.


More of those forms we talked about

Once your offer is accpeted we work with all parites to complete the transation to get you into your new home.


Once you've closed on your house you'll coordinate a move in date to begin enjoying your new home!

Time to move!

Buy: List

I think the information regarding how to start the home buying process was most useful for us. (i.e. get all of the financial docs together, get pre-qualified, etc).
We really appreciate that you are a contractor by trade. You walk into a home and point out issues (or non-issues) that a general consumer might not look at or think about. We think this adds value to your service.”    [Thomas]

 Liz & Jon, Littleton CO

Listy made buying my first home so easy. She was attentive throughout the process and always available. Everyone from the lender to the seller commented on how smooth everything went, and I attribute that to Listy's knowledge and attention to detail. I would highly recommend! -

Brett - Wheat Ridge CO

Listy is phenomenal! She is so patient and knowledgeable. She is easy to get a hold of, makes herself available to see homes as often as you'd like, and keeps you informed every step of the way. I've already given out her spare cards that I had and will continue to recommend her to all my home buyer friends!

Tierney - Harvey Park - Denver CO

Listy is phenomenal! She is so patient and knowledgeable. She is easy to get a hold of, makes herself available to see homes as often as you'd like, and keeps you informed every step of the way. I've already given out her spare cards that I had and will continue to recommend her to all my home buyer friends!

Tierney - Harvey Park - Denver CO

Buying a house is stressful,your sense of humor defused that stress more than once.

You took the time to establish a real human connection every time we were in Denver (lunch, beers, birthday), we got to know you and had complete trust in you. 


Fabien & Karyl - Central Park - Denver CO

Buy: Testimonials


Under Construction Now, Available Soon

Buy: To Buy
67th frontshot.jpg

Scenic Heights, Arvada

2 story home in a quiet neighborhood

This house is undergoing a major renovation and will soon be very nice! 4 bedrooms, 2-1/2 bathrooms, plus garage with a large living space, mountain views, and a nice rear deck. Available May 2023, mid $600s.

Brooks frontshot.jpg

Alta Vista, Arvada

Wide Open Spaces!

Convenient 1 level living, directly across from Ralston Central Park in the heart of Arvada! 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, plus a garage. Renovations are underway. Ready May 2023, mid 600's. 

agate frontshot.jpg


Grandma's House!

This house is pretty special. Many original details from 1957, but still completely functional and ready to move in. 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 bathrooms, plus a 1 car garage. Coming April 2023. $399k

This is a great purchase for an investor. The right side of this duplex is available for $410k, with new rental-grade finishes. The left side is available for $440k, furnished and turnkey for AirBnb Each side has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 car garage, plus a back yard. 

Swadley frontshot.jpg


Occupied all brick investment property

These are all coming soon. We might know about more! Drop us a line and let us know what you're looking for.

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