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The Net Zero House

I bumped into this guy Erin at a Real Estate Investing Conference last year. He was looking to do an energy efficient fix n flip project and we kicked some ideas around. We weren't able to put anything together, as Denver property is pretty expensive for experimentation. But he found a good test subject in Florida and got right to work.

Check this link out:

An Intro To Our First Attainable Net-Zero Hurricane-Proof Home Renovation Project - Attainable Home

Nice to see solar getting cheaper. We looked at rooftop solar on a spec house in 2015 and the numbers weren't realistic. Good for the committed homeowner, but expensive enough to potentially hinder us on a house we were selling right away.

The key (in metro Denver anyway) is to get those solar panels mounted onto an impact-resistant roof. That way there's no need to replace every time one of those nasty June hailstorms rolls through.

Give Erin's project link a click. It's an easy read and a nice little success story.

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