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I wanna go fast

"I wanna go fast, papa" says my daughter every time we ride bikes together. But Papa's been going fast all year and it's exhausting.

According to the Denver Post, Metro Denver houses selling so fast market leaving a sonic boom in its wake ( 74% of Denver houses sell in the first week on market. If you're out there shopping right now, you know this is no joke. Racing around to listings and trying to beat the other buyers is no fun! Unless you get the deal that is!

Worst one that I've seen? Last spring I saw a new listing come available that was about 15 minutes from my house. It had been posted for about 20 minutes and looked like a great deal. I quickly did some price research and headed out the door determined to be the first one there... only to walk through the front door and see buyer and seller literally signing the contract on the kitchen counter.

Not fast enough.

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