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The broken record of Broken Records

You know that friend you have who tells you the same story every time he starts drinking beers? And the exaggerations grow alongside the row of empty cans? I kinda feel like that right now…

Denver Metro Association of Realtors (DMAR) puts out a monthly report with housing market data. Since the pandemic began, they have been that drunken friend, telling me about how there are very few homes for sale. And every month, the number gets lower and lower and we all

Only this is no exaggeration. They are a highly credible source, with data to back it up. And this month they brought us news of a broken record: Lowest number of homes for sale EVER. Well, since they started tracking in the 80’s anyway.

November saw 4820 closings, versus 3415 homes available. Hypothetically (OKOK this isn’t realistic but let me make the point), if we have 3 more months just like November, there will be ZERO remaining houses for sale. None. Zip, zilch, nada. Supply simply isn’t keeping up with demand, and prices are rising fast.

So keep drinkin whatever you’re drinkin, DMAR. And keep that data coming!

Secret treasure for anybody hunting:

I have 3 remodeled single family houses to sell into this empty space. 1 in Wheat Ridge, 1 in Lakewood, and 1 in NW Denver. Do you know anybody who wants one? Call me!

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