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It's always darkest before the Dawn

Thinking of buying home? Now is a terrible time! There is very little for sale right now - think toilet paper aisle in March. And it's getting worse. Every morning I check these numbers

for the 24 hour and the 7 day time periods. Above you can see the 7 day changes in the market... 830 new homes for sale and 1605 that went under contract. This is out of control, and a difficult time to be a buyer.

It has to get better, right? Right? Maybe?

I think so. Selling and buying are usually a choice. If you were choosing to sell (and move), would you want to move during winter? Doubtful. Hopefully we will see a significant increase in sellers as the weather warms up. Hopefully.

If you're looking to buy, get your financing ready. Get your taxes done early to help your lender. Start shopping at a price range below your maximum. And mentally prepare yourself to write that big, strong offer that will convince the seller to choose you.

It's dark out there, but the spring dawn is coming.

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